Welcome to Labyrinth Theme Park!

The unique family entertainment destination of Crete!

Enjoy an original, interactive and fun day for all the family!

Enter the world of the Labyrinth and ask yourself, ‘could there possibly be any truth to all this?’ Just how much myth and how much reality is hidden behind the greatest tale of heroes ever told!

Within the Labyrinth’s 1,200 sq m of frequently altered pathways, with stairways, overhead bridges and towers, the fascinating myth of the Greek Hero Theseus and the devastating, terrifying but tragic Minotaur, is brought to life…A myth which involves Gods and Monsters, Heroes and Kings, and the power struggle between the two main city states of the time – Athens and Crete.

These marvelous myths have stood the test of time and have rightly been retold for thousands of years. They are an indelible, indispensable, inescapable part of our cultural background and heritage. Yet their origins are extremely diverse and developed in a wide variety of different ways and in response to a great many different social, political and psychological needs. They provide us with insights into human nature true as much today as they were 3000 years ago!

Most myths have a kernel of truth to them….it is up to us to find it.

Truths hidden deep within a labyrinth of fantasy, fact and fiction!

Do you dare challenge the Minotaur and test your sense of direction in the long and winding paths of the labyrinth?

Getting lost has NEVER been such fun!