The Labyrinth has been designed by  Adrian Fisher, who is internationally recognised as being the world's No.1 maze designer. He has created over 600 mazes worldwide with a reputation for excellence and innovation. The Labyrinth has an area of approximately 1300sqm. It is constructed of steelposts and wood panels with a length of pathways of over 1km. The Labyrinth is 3 dimensional, with stairways, overhead bridges, towers and rooms where you can stop and rest or enjoy the view.

It is suitable for young and old alike. The paths are suitable for wheelchair users and there is an emergency exit if needed. Naturally it is great fun for groups who can spend hours laughing together and at each other! The aim is to find the many check points with clues within the labyrinth, reach the center where the Minotaur is hidden, and then escape!

On the way you will discover many things you didn’t know about the myth. If you manage to beat the posted time and stamp your card correctly, you gain a certificate and win a prize. Just when you think you have memorized the route and you think that tomorrow you can win that prize …wrong!

The Labyrinth is designed and developed in modules – so the system of the paths is changed regularly!

Remember to wear a hat and carry a small bottle of water with you for those hot summer days! Most visitors will spend 30-45 minutes within the Labyrinth.

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